Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I love penguins, loved them since I was a kid. In the past 6 months I've received lovely gifts which just so happen to be penguin themed! I think people know I love penguins.

I got this one for my 17th birthday from my boyfriend. The writing says, "Dear Alysha, I hope everyday feels like your birthday." It was a sweet gift, besides the fact that I told him to get me a snow globe :p It plays music too!  Which is great!  I'd post a video, but I'm too lazy to email myself the video and then blog about it. For some strange reason the blogger app does not allow me to post videos. The snow globe's music relaxes me quite a bit though.

Next I got this!
Another snow globe!  Did I mention that I also love snow globes? And there's a snowman with a penguin!  How cute! I got this from my friend Jenna for my birthday.

Lastly, I got this for the secret Santa my friends and I had planned for Christmas 2013
Isn't it adorable? And for some reason there's a spare penguin inside it. For what reason, I don't know, but cute, nonetheless!

Sometimes it's just the little things in life that make life so special.

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