Monday, 9 June 2014

My Buried Life Project


Author's Note

          Seventeen years, nine months, and eighteen days; that's how long I've been alive.  In that time, a lot has happened in my life.  I've done things I wanted to do and things I didn't.  Soon I'll be graduating and that makes me think, what do I want to do for the rest of my life, what are all the things I've been able to accomplish so far, and where will all these things take me?  With all that in mind, I was able to create this bucket you see below.  Within the bucket list, I have one hundred times I hope to accomplish before I die. There are some things that I can proudly say I can check off the list, and there are others that may have to wait a while until I can begin them.
          Life's an interesting topic.  There are so many things people want to do in life, and so many things we aren't able to accomplish before we die. In my life, I find that I have things handed to me all the time, but when that happens, I don't always take the opportunity.  Because of that, I miss out on all sorts of things. Everything that's happened in my life shapes who I am as a person, even in the tiniest way.  Within the list below, you could probably pick out a few different themes.  One would probably be creativity.  I love making things, it's always been a passion of mine to craft and make things.  I guess the reason for that started when I learned that I couldn't exactly draw using some paper and a pencil.  So giving up on that, I decided that there are others ways to be creative than just on paper.  Art is all around us, whether you consider some things to be art or not.  I took up band classes because I loved music.  Music class in elementary school was probably always my favourite class.  I was also in the school's choir until middle school hit, and even then, although I didn't take choir, I took choral (which is basically choir, but as a class instead).  Music has always been a big part of my life, for many people it is.  It's a way of expressing your emotions through a whole new experience.  All different forms of music are also different art forms.  Singing, playing an instrument, everything.  Along with music I gained an interest in baking.  I love to bake, mostly because it makes people happy.  I love seeing people eat my food and smile.  Lately I've been moving away from the baking aspect of it all and more into the presentation.  Decorating cakes has got to be a new hobby I've picked up.  People eat with their eyes first, and if something looks pretty, people will probably want to eat it more.  I also love seeing their expressions as they look at the cake I made.
          I'm not sure what will happen in the future and I don't know how much time I have left.  I wanted to make a list of things I do before I die that are easy to accomplish, but will take me on a journey. My list consists of things that I am able to accomplish in both short terms and long terms.  Everything on my list are things I've always wanted to do, and things I recently decided would be a good and fun idea.  Thinking about one hundred items seemed difficult at the time, but the second I put pen to paper I was on a roll.  I got forty things in one sitting and it didn't take long to fill the rest of the list up.  When I sit back and think about life, I start to realize that we're not exactly given a lot of time.  Sure it's expected that each person lives to be around eighty years old, but of those eighty years, I've already finished over seventeen, and most of my life I'll be busy working, starting a family, etc.  That means that there won't be as much time to check off everything on my list as I hoped.  That all being said though, I hope to be able to make time in my life to accomplish each and every one of these items on my list.  It may be a long road and there are probably going to be some things that I never finish, but it'll be a fun and satisfying road.

What Now?

          I have my list, I have my one hundred things to accomplish before I die, so now what?  How do I get started, and where do I start?  In my list you may find that a theme within would be adrenaline.  I'm a huge adrenaline seeker. I love that thrill you get.  Sure right before everything I begin to second guess and freak out about it all, but it's always a lot of fun and I'm always so glad I did it.  Like number fifty, I want to live my life with little regrets.  I can't say that I want to live life with none, because that's probably impossible.  There are already things I've done that I regret and there's no way to turn back time.
          There's one place that I've always wanted to go to, and that's Canada's Wonderland.  You don't have to go through the hassle of flying out of the country and you still get to have a great time!  I chose to place "go to Canada's Wonderland" on my list because I found out that I was getting the chance to do so!  I recently won gold in the Skills Manitoba Competition which meant I would be able to go to Toronto.  Within the itinerary was to go to Canada's Wonderland! I was really excited and added it to my bucket list because it not only is something I've always wanted to do, but it's something I can proudly say I've accomplished and can check off.  This past Friday, I got my chance to complete this item on my list.  On Friday, June 6, 2014, I was able to go to Canada's Wonderland and I had a great time.  We walked around in a group consisting of four teachers, Mr. Yak, Mr. Bilous, Mr. Rogowy, and Mr. Cardinal, and four students, Andrew Land, Lauren Slegers, Will Laterveer, and myself.  It was an awesome experience.  We went on as many roller coaster as we could.  Sadly we only had about two and a half hours to go around, but luckily it wasn't a busy day and the longest we waited to get on a ride was ten minutes.  Usually with everything else we were able to get on right away.  We all went on the Leviathan and the Behemoth too which was scary and a lot of fun! Lauren and I sat together for quite a few of the roller coasters holding hands and screaming the entire time!  It was probably one of the best few hours in my life so far.  We all had a ton of fun, and everyone had gone on every ride we could.  I backed out on the Mega drop though because it's just a  ride I can't take, but while they were doing that I went on a different ride on my own.
          I'm so happy I got the chance to finish something off my list and I'm grateful for the experience.  It was a blast spending the time with friends and people I know.  During that experience in Toronto we all became closer and good friends.  Canada's Wonderland was a fantastic experience and I hope to go there again some day with my family.

My Bucket List

1) Plant a Garden
2) Make it out of high school alive! (Complete June 26, 2014)
3) Build my own house
4) Renovate a house to sell
5) Have a picnic in Assinaboine Park in my grad dress with friends
6) Go skydiving
7) Go bungee jumping
8) Make a two or three tier decorative cake
9) Finish making a brooch for Grandma (Complete June 11, 2014)
10) Get over my fear of spiders
11) Get married one day
12) Finish playing the game Persona
13) Learn to apply make up
14) Be the "mom" for the day
15) Make a sundress
16) Build a funky couch
17) Pie someone in the face
18) Get my own place
19) Buy a car... Any car that looks decent and works
20) Finish a painting
21) Make stained glass
22) Hopefully place at Nationals! (Complete June 7, 2014)
23) Go to Canada's Wonderland (Complete June 6, 2014)
24) Travel to Italy
25) Send a note into the sky
26) Make a time capsule to open up in 10 years
27) Go back to Korea to visit my cousins and grandparents
28) Learn to play piano successfully
29) Learn to play the guitar
30) Start a family
31) Make ice cream successfully
32) Begin my retirement savings plan by age 20
33) Go rock climbing
34) Meet the Duggars, Gosselins, Jones'
35) Cook food over a bonfire
36) Sleep out under the stars
37) Write a book
38) Write a song
39) Make a documentary about something exciting in my life
40) Start a fire from scratch (Without the use of a lighter or matches)
41) Make a kite that works
42) Be on Runningman (A reality Korean TV show)
43) Learn to read, write, and speak Korean
44) Get a tarot card reading
45) Change a person's life (For the better)
46) Finish a knitting project
47) Become a cake decorator
48) Become a jeweler
49) Play Sims and finish a life from baby to old age
50) Live life with little regrets
51) Invent a cool machine
52) Start a detox diet for a month or two
53) Create a recipe (Complete June 11, 2014)
54) Plant a tree
55) Read 5 books in 10 days
56) Find out what happened to my Flat Stanley from grade 4
57) Start a pen pal
58) Live with a roommate
59) Hold a penguin, preferably a little blue
60) Visit my elementary school
61) Visit my middle school
62) Break a vase
63) Burn my school work
64) Fill a pillar full of sticky notes
65) Milk a cow
66) Make butter from scratch
67) Take a pottery class
68) Go parachuting
69) Dress my kids in silly costumes
70) Reminisce about the past
71) Sponsor a child
72) Name a star after myself
73) Go on a sky walk
74) Build a cardboard boat that works
75) Catch a fish
76) Go strawberry picking
77) Make my own almond milk (Complete June 1, 2014)
78) Meet Taylor Swift
79) Start a business
80) Take part in a new successful TV show
81) Visit the Seven Wonders of the World
82) Learn a bunch of different illnesses and diseases
83) Get a dog
84) Get a cat
85) Sell something I've made
86) See a meteor shower
87) Visit Niagara Falls
88) Relearn to use chopsticks
89) Make a gluten free dessert that tastes good
90) Take a picture of myself everyday for a year to see the change
91) Get a professional massage
92) Open a coconut on my own without getting hurt
93) Adopt a child
94) Find the perfect mosquito repellent
95) Hold a snake that's taller than me
96) Go to Toronto, Nova Scotia, and PEI to sight see
97) Go to Vancouver to see family
98) Catch a fast moving ball without flinching and screaming
99) Make a photo album full of money throughout the years to give to family and myself
100) Go zip lining


  1. I like how your comments were practical and realistic, and many of the things are ones that you could actually accomplish in a life time.

  2. Your video was amazing! I've seen some of the cakes you've made and I think you'll be able to achieve that!!

  3. Really well done! I liked your choice of music in the background. I wish I had put a time capsule on my bucket list! That's for sure something I have always wanted to do but I forgot to put it on mine.

  4. Canada's wonder land seemed like it was fun!! Your vide was good, I enjoyed your music.

  5. Alysha! Congrats on winning bronze. My favourite part of your video was watching you learn to play piano, this is something I'd also like to do. How much of your bucketlist do you think you will complete in your lifetime?

  6. You had an excellent presentation! I really enjoyed your video, and knowing you, I know that's all stuff you'd be passionate about! I hope that you can keep checking things off your list and that it will make your life fruitful and full of fun!

  7. Great job it's obivious you put a lot of work into it I have no doubt you'll complete a lot more of your bucket in the future.

  8. Alysha! I loved your bucket list presentation. I like that most of the things you presented were things that you demonstrated in the video. I really hope you find a job being a cake decorator or whatever you want to do!

  9. Your video was so interesting! I loved the way you demonstrated your visual aspects of your bucket list

  10. Canada's wonder land seemed like it was fun!! Your vide was good, I enjoyed your music.

  11. Very ambitious goals. Judging by the ones you've accomplished so far I'm sure you'll acomplish many more to come. I myself still have to finish Persona 3 and 4 as well.

  12. Your video was really good! I like how simple some of the items on your bucket list were, like the The Sims one. You thought of some little things in life that almost everyone wants to do but nobody actually thinks of it when it comes to do a bucket list. Your presentation was very nice!