Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Toronto Day 2

Today was orientation day for the competition and it was the opening ceremony!  Before all that though, we decided to check out the CN tower! 

Check it out!

We went all the way up to the sky pod and the view was amazing!

After that, we rushed back to the hotel to get ready to ride the shuttle and get to the orientation and the opening ceremony.

Orientation was quick for many people, and after we went to an area where they served good and they had a little dance going on. It was a fun time. The opening ceremony was crazy!  They had lights everywhere and everyone was cheering and there was music!  I felt like I was at the Olympics!

We got home at 9:15pm, and let me just say that I'm exhausted!

So far so good though! Competition for every category except mine is Thursday and Friday, but for whatever reason mine in on Friday. Then Saturday will be the closing ceremony and the metal ceremony!

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