Sunday, 8 June 2014

Toronto Day 3

Thursday was the first day of competitions. Luckily for me, my category was the only category to compete only on Friday. That meant I had time to walk around the area freely, taking many pictures and videos on all the things I saw. Everyone seemed nervous, but they all did great.
There were so many different categories! It all ranged from media productions to robotics to cabinet making to baking to hairstyling to plumbing!  There were so many more things there!  Taryn Wichenko participated in Job Search, Will Laterveer was in Public Speaking, Lauren Slegers was in Baking, Darren and Benton were in Media, Andrew Land was in Electric Wiring, Lian Pries was in Graphics, Jaden Desserault was in Web Design, and I was in Job Skill Demonstration.

While waking around there were a few "try a trade" things going on and I got the chance to plant strawberries and I was able to take home!

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