Monday, 10 March 2014

My Past

Photo Credit by Alysha Cho

I chose to have a collage of me that I had made about 4 or so years ago of me throughout the ages.  I believe that this relates with the topic of my past because it shows me in all different stages of life when I was younger.  The text works with the picture because it makes you realize just how quickly life is changing.  Those pictures in the collage consisted of me from ages 0 – 13. The only editing I had done to the photo would be enhancing the colours and the sharpness so it still keeps its natural look.  By using an exclamation mark I am able to express my amazement towards how much life is changing and how much I’ve grown.  It amazes me how different my past is from my present. I found that the colour blue against the white background allowed the words to pop out against the darker, older pictures.

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