Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Tweets #4

Pride and Prejudice (20)

Elizabeth Bennet logged on:

Tweet: Mama and Papa are talking about a new, young neighbour moving in.  Perhaps one of us may have the chance of a hand in marriage! #excited

Tweet: The new neighbour's name is Mr. Bingley, we are to meet him at the assemblies.

Tweet: Mama is scolding Kitty for coughing so much.  She is quite stressed #poorgirls

Tweet: Mr. Bingley has returned Papa's visit and I daresay, he is quite the handsome fellow #goodlooking

Tweet: @JaneBennet How terribly upsetting! RT-Mr. Bingley is said to bring 12 ladies to the assembly! Oh my!

Tweet: Today is the day of the ball! It is heard that Mr. Bingley has only brought 6 women with him, not 12!

Tweet: What a handsome bunch Mr. Bingley has brought with him.

Tweet: I daresay, although he has devine looks, Mr. Darcy is quite the proud and disagreeable fellow #unimpressed

Tweet: How two such different men can be so close, I do not understand #confused

Tweet: Overheard Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley speaking. I am more than just tolerable! #rude

Tweet: It pleases me that all my sisters have thrived at this ball, particularly Jane.

Tweet: Mr. Bingley has asked Jane to dance a second time! #proudmoments

Tweet: I still cannot believe Mr. Darcy would call me "tolerable" and Jane the most beautiful! We share the same blood! #insensitive

Tweet: How can Jane see through Miss Bingley and the others? Yes, they are handsome, but their manners!

Tweet: I am happy for Charlotte, she was Mr. Bingley's first choice of the night!

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