Monday, 10 March 2014

Me, Alysha Cho

Photo Credit by Alysha Cho

I love building and crafting things, I find it facinating and amusing all at once. I believe this photo best describes me as a person because I love food and I love transforming things. As the text says, "I'm always full of little creations." It's true. Take this strawberry rose for example, what was once a simple strawberry, is now a beautiful rose!  As long as you can see the beauty that's within, anything is possible. With the use of an exclamation mark I am able to portray my thoughts of creating things. It shows that I am excited and wonderstruck by it all without needing anything else. If there were any other punctuation added to this, the feeling of awe would slowly dissipate. I also added a focus effect on the flower so that way it gives the picture an overall airy feeling to it. With cursive text, it brings an element of elegance to the mood. I'm always full of little creations, whether they work out or not is besides the point.

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