Monday, 10 March 2014

Growing Up

Photo Credit by LifeTouch

It's hard to believe that one day I was graduating kindergarten and the next I'm graduating high school!  Life honestly can change within a blink. I find that this picture best represents the text above. Growing up is a part of life that many people fear and yet, it's an amazing process. I feel as though it was just yesterday when my mom was yelling at me to walk properly as I walked to the bus stop, or how I was outside in the snow building all sorts of things, and now here I am, baking, writing blogs, and graduating high school!  I decided to leave the punctuation just with a period. Nothing more, nothing less, just simple because life is simple. It's just a straightforward quote; direct, yet sincere. Growing up is something that everyone seems to forget about. They want to either be older or stay younger, but life really can change within a blink. Staying true to yourself, being kind to others, and growing up at your own pace is all that's neccesary. 

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  1. It's funny how by the end of grade school everyone has thought and thought about this exact thing. Growing up. I don't think any of us realize that we actually are until we stop and say, "Hey I'm almost 18," or, "Jeez I'm going to university next year." But like you said it doesn't need to be a scary thing, yet people find a way to make it terrifying, I know personally I just think of it as the next big thing and hey, by the time I post this comment I'll be older than I was when I started writing it, more mature, wiser, who knows? But that's what's great about growing up, you get to experience so many new things!