Sunday, 23 March 2014

Pie Review

Alright, so I found this pie recipe and decided to try it out because it seemed good. I got it off of this site:

I had been craving pie for about 2 months now and finally decided it was time to bake one. I'm not entire sure if I had made the pie wrong, but I found that it didn't work out at all.

I give this apple crumble pie 2 stars out of 5.

I'm not the type of ever give out no stars because there's always something good within the bad.

I found this pie to be very dry, and after being baked, the crumble on top seemed to still be a little overbalrd in some areas and underbaked in others. The filling was also quite dry, which was surprising considering the filling should be wet and moist, but it was not. The bottom crust was too crumbly and not flaky at all. It would make sense though considering the ingredients for the crust resembled a crumble rather than pie crust. I wasn't very satisfied with this pie and I'm upset the ingredients went to waste.


I made a caramel sauce to drizzle on top to add a little moistness. That really helped with the flavour of the pie!

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