Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Eavesdropping Assignment

1) i) To the band room
    ii) It took about 15 minutes.
    iii) It was between Megan L, Micayla, Ryan, Mr. Johnson, and me. 
    iv) It was quite interesting. Definitely felt a little creepy at times, but since I was involved in the conversation as well, it wasn't too awkward.

2) I learned that there are many people who are very expressive with their hands.

3) Using action words while using dialogue gives the reader a more realistic thought of how the conversation may be going.

4) The way people approach a subject and the amount of respect within the speaker's voice can determine their personality. People who may listen more than talk could either be shy or just very curious and a good listener. People who use nicknames rather than full names could mean that they are close to the ones they are talking to, or they're comfortable enough around the person they are talking to.

5) When there are more than two people in a conversation, I find that the conversation seems to last longer. Because there are more opinions to fly around, there's more to talk about. At the same time there are more interruptions as well because everyone wants to get their opinion out before the subject changes.

6) I learned that when talking to someone of a higher status than you, you tend to be more cautious of what you say. Rather than just speaking out whatever's on your mind, you would think it through quickly before spitting the words out. What's surprising is that that rule doesn't always apply. Some people feel comfortable around people of a higher status that they either don't care of the consequences, or they know that there won be any. 

7) With written conversations, it's difficult to portray emotions, such as sarcasm, sadness, etc. Although possible, people tend to only hear emotions through people they know well enough within text. Talking to a stranger and having them sarcastically write down something to you would be different than a friend doing so. Spoken conversations are easier to express your tone and emotions.

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