Thursday, 15 May 2014

Road Rage

I had to cut in front of this guy otherwise I'd miss my turn and he obviously wasn't happy. Turns out he was going about the same way as me until we hit Portage Ave. I needed to get to the far lane and he needed to get to the close lane, but I was on front of him and we were both turning right. Well, the driver was about my age, more or less, with a really bad temper! He was honking at me and screaming out the window telling me to go, even though there were cars everywhere and there wasn't even a chance to go.  We only waited about 2 minutes, but I guess that was 2 minutes too long. So the lights finally changed and while we both turned into our lanes, like a gentleman, he flips me the finger as he drives away.

I really don't understand people and their road rage. Honestly, some people just need to grow up and get over themselves. #ranting #RoadRage

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