Monday, 5 May 2014

Tedx Youth Talk Reflection

Last Wednesday as a field trip we had gone to the forks to watch some Ted Talks presentations. We had watched about 6 presentations and two videos. The presentations were quite insightful, but I'd have to say that some speakers weren't as prepared as they could have been. One speaker that stood out most to me would be Abigail. She started her presentation off with a spoken word then explained more in depth about her topic. Her spoken word was called, "Facebook is Not my Friend". Abigail explained how technology was getting in the way of human interaction and how we're losing the ability to interact with others in person. Within her spoken word she explained, "Facebook is not my friend, you are." I though that she was very well prepared and she was comfortable up on stage. Another speaker that stood out to me would be Seanne. He's an 8 year old boy who is awesome at playing the piano. The little boy played us a piece he composed all on his own and it was just so cute! All in all in presentations weren't too bad. The last presentation spooked me out a bit, talking about prostitutes and such, but it wasn't a bad day. 

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