Wednesday, 16 April 2014

30 Hour Famine

A few days ago I participated in a school even to raise money for Wold Vision. I had about 5 people sponsor me and raised $105. As a total our school raised about $24 000+!  I think that's insane!  We only had 240 people participate and we were able to raise that much for World Vision. I think it's amazing how much we've accomplished, considering our goal was $20 000.

During this event, all the kids starved themselves of food for 30 hours. All we could live on is water and juice. On Friday night we came back to the school and camped there. Activities were planned and movies were played.

My friends and I sat around in the cafeteria playing Mind Trap, which was a lot of fun and just talking about nonsense while drinking tea, water, juice, anything to keep us going.  At some points Micayla and I played Mario Kart on the DS.  The movies that were played was a documentary that I didn't watch, then we watched the Hunger Games, which I watched a bit then fell asleep, and finally while I was sleeping Hunger Games: Catching Fire was played.  All in all, a good night!

I'm very glad to have participated in this event for my final year at Sturgeon.  It makes me feel proud knowing how much money we raised and knowing that it'll be going to a great cause.

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