Thursday, 10 April 2014

Finished Giraffe Ring

So, I guess I forgot to update on my first post about the giraffe ring, so here it is!

Once the carving was complete I sprued the ring onto te base of a flask and began the investing process.

 During the investing process I mix a ratio of investment to water and the boils under pressure to release any air bubbles that might stick to the wax.

Next the flask is burnt out in the kiln and is placed into the centrifugal casting machine. We melt the silver casting grain to a molten stage, then quickly close the lid to the machine. The machine spins about 20 times a second, shooting the molten silver into the mold.

Here's the giraffe right after it's been casted.

 After cutting off the sprue, filing and sanding, and polishing the ring, it's complete!

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