Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

        Six Word Memoirs
I found the six word memoirs to be fun.  What I believe went well for my memoirs would be the pictures.  I found simple pictures relating to each topic and used punctuation well.  What may have needed work on would probably be staying up to date on when to have the photos done, when to have the six words done, etc.  Although I was very close to when they needed to be done, I wasn’t on time, meaning that they were late.  Throughout this process of the six word memoirs, I’d have to say that I learned a whole new style of writing, and I learned to put a lot of meaning behind just a few simple words and photos.  I never realized how long six words could stretch, but it was a fun project.  I would grade myself an A in this project.

        IGNITE Presentation
Ignite presentations were something that I knew nothing about.  I had no idea what an ignite presentation would be, or even how to start it. I thought that the pictures I chose and my topic was a strong approach to this presentation.  I knew that quite a few kids had heard of the program because it’s in our school, but they probably didn’t know anything about what it’s really about.  I wanted to show everyone just how different the program is compared to the image they may have in their head.  I found that the timing was good, and what I spoke about went well with the pictures.  What I needed to work on would probably be presenting live rather than recording my voice.  Although I recorded my voice, that whole process was quite difficult.  I spent hours finishing the project.  I would grade myself an A for this project for finishing this project on time, and finishing it well.

Blogging was something that I was always interested in.  It seemed like fun and it fit into my interests.  I enjoyed writing and I liked to talk about my day.  It was almost like an online journal, but with pictures as well and a little less personal.  I always make sure to post on my blog in timely manners.  I guess it wasn’t something I thought about, if something interesting happened that day, I’d talk about it.  I make sure I’m aware that someone somewhere may be reading what I post, so I make sure to post appropriate things.  Personal additions are always done about two times a week.  If I realize that I may have done less in one week. I’ll add more in others if I have enough to talk about.  When it comes to commenting on others blogs, I try, but the problem is that my phone doesn’t seem to even allow me to comment on anyone’s post and I’m not often at a computer.  All in all I’d grade myself an A for blogging.

Connecting and Engaging

      When it comes to connecting and engaging I'd say that I'm not too horrible. When we Skype with the kids in Thompson, I don't usually talk, but I'll sit and listen. I guess I usually don't like to add to any class discussions when we have them. I'm more of a quiet person.  Online though, I'll comment on all that we have to for assignments usually. I do attend class on a regular basis. I believe I've only missed a few days of school and that's usually because I have prior appointments, but I usually make sure to get myself caught up. I would grade myself a B for this.


       My three goals I'd like to achieve before the end of this semester would be:
1) Commenting more often on others blogs
2) Engaging in class more often
3) Finish reading at least 3 more novels in this class during our reading classes. 

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