Monday, 21 April 2014

Taylor Swift's Video Surprise!

Here I have a link of a video posted by Taylor Swift.

I wanted to talk about this because I thought it was an adorable story.  What basically happened was, a fan of Taylor had been a long time fan, been to every one of her shows, etc. and decided to send Taylor a wedding invitation and a bridal shower invitation through Taylor's fan mail.  Of course the girl didn't honestly except anything to happen, but hey, why not? So Taylor received the letter and read it.  Unfortunately Taylor couldn't make it to the wedding, but the bridal shower was a different story.  So she hopped into her van, brought along a couple presents and surprised that bride and all the guests at the shower.  It was such a cute video.  The bride-to-be was so shocked and surprised! What I enjoyed most about this video would be the fact that this fan had just mailed Taylor the wedding and bridal shower invitation just for the heck of it and she actually got a response.  Sometimes, good things happen to good people.  Sometimes, when you keep dreaming, your dreams will come true.  And sometimes, if you write enough to Taylor Swift, she'll come visit you at your bridal shower!

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