Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype Reflection

What went well?
I think that the kids were somewhat interested with everything we were saying today.  It seemed like there are some things that were a little out of their range in terms of understanding, but for the most part it seemed as though they were having fun.

What was the value in collaborating with the grade 3 class?
The value I find in working with the grade 3`s are the different ways of learning the exact same thing.  The way we speak and learn is about the same way they speak and learn, just at a simpler level.  What I enjoy most about Skyping with the grade 3 class would be the nostalgic aspect of it all.  It reminds me of how I was in grade 3 and the things we learned.  How everything was simple and easy, yet difficult and frustrating at the same time.

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