Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick Write- Imaginary Eden

I honestly don't know what my Eden would be. It would probably be in a garden setting, such as the original.  I'd like to have greenery all around in a safe little place. Trees filled with fruit, flowers, etc. there would be a cabin around the middle in a little clearing. The cabin would be small and cozy, made of wood. Within the cabin would be a few windows, a bed, a table, and a kitchen. The kitchen would have to be a gas stovetop and oven, but with a good ventilation system to prevent fires. A fire extinguisher close by as well. In the garden, there would be friendly wild animals around. Rabbits, dogs, and I'd build a little place for the penguins because I love penguins. The temperature wouldn't be too hot, just warm enough to walk around without a sweater. It would range from about -10°C to 20°C. I chose -10°C because I'd still like it cold enough for it to snow out. As you walk further from the clearing you would come across a stream that flows down a bunch of rocks, almost looking like a tiny waterfall. Sunlight everywhere, reflecting off the water, but the shade from the trees keep you from getting burnt. That's about the way I see my imaginary Eden. 

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  1. What made you choose to have a more rustic feel to our Eden with the animals, and the cabin?