Saturday, 5 April 2014

Grad Dress!

On Wednesday, my mother and I had gone grad dress shopping.

First, we had gone to LA Collection and there was this one dress I found that I loved... But it was also $403 plus tax, plus alterations. I wasn't planning on spending that much money on a dress I'll probably only wear once or twice. I tried a few other dresses on there, but nothing appealed to me. I was surprised to find that it was quite difficult to find a sample dress in my size. I knew that all the dresses would be too long for me, so it wasn't the length I was worrying about. 

Anyways, after finding nothing there, my mom took me to the Le Chateau Outlit behind polo. There, I found this white dress that I loved, but the dress only came in an xxsmall or a medium. The extra extra small was too tight on me, so I went to the Le Chateau in Polo Park to see if they would have the same dress there in a smaller size.

I walked into the store only to find that they didn't, but I didn't mind. There were a few dresses that I liked, but the green on in the picture was one I liked most. The only sizes were extra extra small, extra small, and medium, so I tried the former two. My mom bought the dress for me as a graduation gift and while she was there she found a pair of boots for herself that are normally $80 that she got for just $30!  What I find funny though is that I ended up going with the extra extra small for this green dress, but the xxsmall for the white was too tight.

All in all, I'm happy with my findings. I'm glad it only took about 4 hours of shopping to find a dress and now I don't have to worry about finding a dress anymore!

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