Monday, 21 April 2014

The Day Before Easter

Alright, so here's basically how I spent my Saturday, aka the day before Easter.

8am- Woke up, got ready for work
9:15am- Got in the car to drive to work
9:30am- Began work.

Work was crazy busy! I guess when the store's closed the day before and the day after, people freak out and feel the need to go to the store just incase!  I work in the bakery at Safeway, and of course everyone wants some buns and treats on their table for Easter!  Anyways, every employee we had in the bakery was working that day. There was no where to walk and you bumped into everything!  A person, a rack, etc. Crazy, crazy morning!

1:05pm- Went on my first 15 minute break
3pm- Went on my half hour break
5pm- Planned to go on my last 15 minute break, but that didn't happen.
5:30pm- Helped a blind man find his groceries, which left me in a good mood. He was such a kind fellow.
6pm- Supposed to be done working.
6:20pm- When I was actually done working.
6:30pm- Arrived home
7pm- Went to my boyfriend's house for a while to watch House
10:30pm- Came home and worked on a puzzle with my mom and sister.
12am- Fell asleep on the couch
2am- Woke up and went to my room to sleep.

And that was basically my day!

Here's the puzzle I was working on with my mom and sister!

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