Thursday, 24 April 2014

Adventures with Jenna

Alright, about a week ago Jenna received these movie passes from her mom for the screening of Neighbours. She didn't have anyone to go with, so I went with her.

The movie was to play on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 7:30pm, so we arrived at about 6:50pm. Now, the screening for the movie was to be played at the old Cinema City, not sure what it's called now.  Long story short, it's now an 18+ theatre, but usually with screening anyone can enter.

What we didn't realize was the the movie was rated R, meaning you had to be 18 or older. So what happened when we got there, we tried to give them our pass, but apparently you have to go to the concession to retrieve your tickets, so we did that. Since he didn't mention anything about our age, we figured it was fine and got food as well. Of course once we go to the enter the theatre the man asks if any of us are 18, which we aren't, so our plans for the movies crashed.

I'd never been to IKEA, and I knew that it was nearby, so I asked Jenna if she'd like to go check that out, and she was up for it.
Thinking it was only about a 10 minute walk from the theatre, we began our journey. Turns out it was about a 50 minute walk for us... Oops!
So we walked along route 90, aka Kenaston. We also walked through this one parking lot to stay further away from the road, but that meant walking through this damp grass. After walking halfway through the grass, we realized that the rest was mud, so we walked through that. Now, if you've ever walked through mud, you'll know that it ruins your shoes and the longer you stand the more you sink. Safe to say, Jenna's not exactly the most stealthiest person around.
To the left would be Jenna's prints and the right would be mine.

Anyways, walking back along the road we saw many geese and a rope coming from the ground, and we even saw a mattress. It stank as well.

Eventually we arrived at IKEA and it was pretty cool. The set ups in the showrooms were too cute!  I basically loved anything that was kitchen related and all the kids rooms.

Look at this kitchen!  Is this not a nice kitchen?!  The one I liked most, I forgot to take a picture of, but that's alright. 

There was also this set on the table. If I have kids, they're definitely getting these tiny teacups! Heck, I'm getting these for myself!

Found these curtains as well in one of the bedrooms, creepy!  I wouldn't want one of these faces staring at me as I sleep!

This is a very nice study room that I'd love. Of course it wouldn't stay this clean, but that's okay.

And check out this funky light!

Moving on to the kids room, isn't this cute! I love it!

And then as you grow up, you can move into this!  I sat in that chair in the back of the room, it's not very comfortable. Either I was too heavy for it, or it just isn't a very ergonomics chair. Whichever shoe fits!

Found these kids chairs as well. Now you see me...
Now you don't!

And here's Jenna and me in a kids tent!  It was a little small for us, but still cute!

We stayed there until IKEA closed, the went to Sargent Sundae to call it a night. I got two scopes of the butter pecan and she got a medium twist cone.

We had a great adventure together and it was a lot of fun! 

Fun fact: That was the first time Jenna and I hung out as just the two of us outside of school!

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