Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tony Roma's and Bowling

The other day my sister got some upsetting news from the doctor, so she decided to go out shopping. While out, she called me asking if I wanted to go to Tony Roma's for wings, so I agreed. The only problem was that the Tony Roma's by Polo Park doesn't sell wings, so we had to go to the one on Pembina, only to find out that the deal they used to give for wings were no longer available. It was still a fun night though.  After eating, we decided to go bowling.

We arrived at the bowling alley at about 9pm, which was a perfect time because from 9-11pm they have a special deal where you can bowl as much as you'd like for only $40. Since there were four of us, we split it between ourselves. We went ten pin bowling because it's more entertaining, but I always have to cut my thumb nails off because the first time I hadn't, my nail broke off.

This is my cousin Alina bowling.

As you can tell, I'm not going to become a pro bowler anytime soon.

Oh, and did I mention we accidentally got a bowling ball stuck in the gutter and shooting another one at it only got more stuck? Oops!

It was a great night though. And the whole time we made fun of my sister because she found out she had a gluten sensitivity and she's that girl who loves pizza and pasta, etc. :)

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